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I invite you to my world where you will find recipes for healthy meals and desserts. In my kitchen I do not use sugar, gluten and cow’s milk.

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Recipe for orange foam

Unfortunately, I could not avoid colds this season ... my little preschooler will always bring something interesting to the house. ;-) Do you know this feeling? Regardless of everything, I'm not going to give up, because as you probably have seen in my fan pages from morning I boil broths, the soul of a vegetable and wait for a miracle...
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Energy regulations


In just a few days, the feast of our beloved grandmothers and grandparents. The most beautiful gifts are those that we give straight from the heart, and even more beautiful are those that we prepare ourselves. 🙂 That's why my offer for a gift for seniors is hand-made strawberry and coconut pralines. Only 4 ingredients, 3 minutes of preparation and...
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My name is Asia. I am a mother, wife and professionally personal, fitness and bodybuilding instructor, and a graduate of the University of Physical Education in Krakow. My biggest passions are … sports and dietetics.